Where are we going with this thing?

I started this blog because I enjoy traveling, I get to take a lot of neat trips, and people would ask me about them. But I've also got a lot more to offer, so I'm going to be making some updates to the blog in the coming weeks.

An actual email subscription list where I send out digests of the month, and any new updates, and maybe some special content just for subscribers. Subscribers will also get the occassional proper review of a hotel or flight, instead of my usual ramblings and digressions into 16th century European history.

A few ebooks are in the pipeline talking about things like how to get your travel on easily, how to use points & miles to pay for travel without wasting a lot of money and time chasing false leads, and a very special project that I'll be working up towards for next year.

Of course, all this costs money and while I'd love to keep doing this for free, my special project is potentially quite expensive. So some e-commerce will be coming this way as well. But don't worry, I refuse to fall into the affiliate link trap, and I will never accept advertising money.

So bear with me, and prepare for a few changes in the coming months.